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Shakshouka – Baker & Spice

We found ourselves enjoying the view of Burj Khalifa early Saturday morning after hearing mass, while waiting for Baker & Spice to serve breakfast at 8 am. Kids amused themselves by taking photos, going up and down the stairs and waving to Dubai fountain cleaner. I’ll have Shakshouka please as soon as the waiter handed us the menu, he cheerful replied “which one, madam?” I look down on the menu,  I indeed had 3 choices on how I want my shakshouka – red, green and matbukha. I ordered Capuccino and the boys shared a cup of thick Mexican Hot Chocolate – the best hot chocolate we’ve had here in Dubai. Shakshouka Matbukha – 4 eggs poached on a homemade tomato and red peppers sauce with garlic, chili and olive oil. Four sunshiny egg goodness served with freshly baked farmhouse bread = a good morning indeed! We all enjoyed every bit of sauce. V who swears he doesn’t like tomatoes and peppers (I didn’t tell him dish consists of the mentioned ingredients) exclaimed that it’s one of …

Eating again

I’m so happy that we are entering our 2nd trimester with my appetite back and enjoying kitchen work again. On our first trimester all the food you see above I can’t eat. Then I woke up with a craving to eat Tortang Talong, Sardines, and Dilis I was happy to find all of the ingredients in my pantry.