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Sino Chai

November 2015 Update A good news! Our favorite restaurant has re-opened at Business Bay under the new name Taipei Dao Teahouse Restaurant & Café. Visit facebook page here. *** A sad update from Sino Chai After a glorious run of several years, Sino Chai will no longer be serving it’s customers after 31st January, 2014. We thank you all for being a part of this tremendous journey with us – all this would not have been possible without your amazing support and encouragement. *** Whenever we crave for a good dim sum, C and I always choose to eat at Sino Chai. It’s a plus that on weekends they have an eat-all-you-can dim sum. C opted to order Fried Rice with Sweet & Sour Chicken while V and I shared the dim sum. The server asked if we preferred any dim sum to be served to us and since we can’t decide I asked to try one of each dim sum available.   This Chives Pancake is one of V’s favorite. Crunchy but doesn’t feel oily.   Before I forget the eat …

Quickly grab some Milk Tea!

I was surprise and happy that my nearby favorite Korean Cafe – Modern Hansik (will write a little review soon) now offers one of my most missed milk tea back home – Quickly! Although there is a difference between how they serve it back in Manila, the milk tea is served almost like a shake/ice cream with crushed ice, tapioca pearls and taho. In Modern Hansik they serve it just with ice cubes and tapioca pearls. According to our Modern Hansik friends they are still waiting for the Quickly machine set that will be delivered soon. For my nearby neighbors here in Al Nahda I’m happy to inform you that Modern Hansik delivers this yummy milk tea that is a perfect combination to their yummy Korean style chicken!   Modern Hansik (located at the back of Blue Mars supermarket) Shop 2 AHLI House A Amman St. Al  Nahda 1 Contact Number: (050) 138-8191 / 04 254 7748