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Sino Chai

November 2015 Update

A good news! Our favorite restaurant has re-opened at Business Bay under the new name Taipei Dao Teahouse Restaurant & Café. Visit facebook page here.


A sad update from Sino Chai

After a glorious run of several years, Sino Chai will no longer be serving it’s customers after 31st January, 2014.

We thank you all for being a part of this tremendous journey with us – all this would not have been possible without your amazing support and encouragement.


Whenever we crave for a good dim sum, C and I always choose to eat at Sino Chai. It’s a plus that on weekends they have an eat-all-you-can dim sum.

C opted to order Fried Rice with Sweet & Sour Chicken while V and I shared the dim sum. The server asked if we preferred any dim sum to be served to us and since we can’t decide I asked to try one of each dim sum available.

Sino Chai Chives Pancake


This Chives Pancake is one of V’s favorite. Crunchy but doesn’t feel oily.

Sino Chai Soup of the Day


Before I forget the eat all you can comes with a free soup of the day. I forgot the name of the soup but it’s a rich broth infused with tea with chicken shreds and tofu.

Sino Chai Lotus Leaves

Lotus Leaves Dim Sum – a steamed sticky rice with chicken and shrimps.

Sino Chai Steamed Assorted Dimsum

Mix Dim Sum. I can’t remember all the name but what we have here if I’m correct they are Shu Mai, Beef Dumpling, and Vegetable Dumpling. We had to request another batch of this since V ate almost everything. Sharing is strictly not allowed but when I asked if I can share it with my 4 yr old the server said yes since he was still a small boy, they just don’t know that he had an appetite of a 7 yr old when it comes to dim sum.

Sino Chai Cake Dumplings

Checking our bill I think what we have here are the dim sum cakes: Radish Cake, Tofu Skin, and Seafood Cake. Radish cake was the least favorite, the texture didn’t appeal to us.


Fried Dim Sum Plate: Chicken Spring Roll, Almond Prawn, Beef Fried Dumpling. The fried Almond Prawn on the left was a favorite. I stopped V to order another set of them since I know I’d end up eating everything and I no longer have any space in my tummy.

We ended our meal with some Red Bean Cake, and Sesame Ball.


And of course the meal wouldn’t have been complete with some bubble tea.

Total bill: 198 Dhs.

This includes C’s seafood fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, a diet coke, bubble tea and my Dim Sum lunch promo that cost 78 Dhs.

Sino Chai specializes in Chinese and Taiwanese food prepared in a healthier way and they also have a wide range of tea available. For all of you tea lovers and would like to try some healthy good food drop by this hidden gem inside Healthcare City.


Sino Chai Teahouse Restaurant

Building No. 27,
Block B, IBN Sina Building
Dubai Healthcare City
Telephone: 04 435 5650


  1. Looks yummy all around! I’ve always found that radish cake demands a dipping sauce bc as you say, it is quite bland on it’s own. At home, we use Vietnames nuoc cham and at restaurants, usually a soy-based sauce with Sriracha or other spicy dip. 

    • They actually provided some dipping sauce a soy sauce base and one with mayo. The server forgot to mention which sauce goes well with which dumpling. and I just failed to ask as well

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