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Chicken Popcorn Kebab Bento Lunch box

The last of the three products I presented for a bento workshop is the chicken popcorn, it’s odd shape and dull color made it challenging to turn into something fun and inviting to eat. Other products use for the workshop are chicken nuggets and sausage. Kuya V was the one who suggested that I turn them to kebabs or barbecue with colorful vegetables in between. Barbecue sticks are not allowed in school, instead we made use of drinking straws as skewers.  Now, your chicken popcorn looks more inviting to eat compared to just placing them flat inside your lunchbox. Inside our lunchbox : kebab of capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes and chicken popcorn strawberry, kiwi and blueberry cheese cupcake (I will post recipe of this soon) sweet corn adorned with cucumber carrot flower baby carrots and broccoli Bento tools: tiny fork food picks, silicone cupcake liners and drinking straw. Check out how we made fun bento lunch box with sausage and chicken nuggets. Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on …

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Minions Chicken Nuggets Bento Lunch Box

A few weeks back I worked on a bento lunchbox workshop, the goal was to turn three boring grocery food –  nuggets, sausages & chicken popcorn to something that is more inviting and fun to look at. You first eat with your eyes. I hate to admit it but when given a choice between my homemade chicken nuggets to store bought ones, my children almost always prefer the latter because of it’s crunchy outside texture. Yes, I give in and buy the frozen ones in the grocery for those days that I don’t have the energy. We love Minions! Looking at Bob, Kevin and Stuart’s funny faces automatically brightens up a tough day. Agree? I made use of sliced cheese and nori sheets to make the minion face. Hope you have a Baaa…baaa…baaanana…Nuggets day ahead! Next post will be how to make a fun bento lunch box with sausages and chicken popcorn. Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on all social media platform. Linked to What Kids Eat Wednesday