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recipe Carrot Apple Oatmeal Healthy Cookies

Lunch Box Recipe: Carrot and Apple Oat Cookies

My children are not big fans of eating vegetables and fresh fruits. One of the creative ways to make them consume fruits and vegetables is by making smoothie, ice cream or hiding them in some dish. Sometimes, knowing that some vegetables are part of a dish I prepare turns them off. Besides giving dish funny names, sneaking in vegetables is one of the best ways to get them eat something they swore to hate. Chloe swore that apples makes her sick and oatmeal looks yucky. So when I found the recipe that would disguise two food she dislikes, I just needed to give it a go. It is like chocolate chip cookies only healthier. I slightly change the original recipe from Super Healthy Kids because I ran out of honey and my bunch are not big fans of coconut oil smell. This is a soft cookie so would be perfect for your toddlers as well. I have been packing them as a treat for the kids, definitely going to be staple healthy snack in our house. #LetsMakeLunchFun and healthy for our …

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A chocolate chip cookie promise

While shopping for our weekly grocery Vierte asked if he can buy some chocolate chip cookies. I said nope and promised him that we make some cookies together. C was teasing me that I still haven’t made the cakes that they both requested. See after making Mickey Mouse cake for Liam and watching Cake Boss every night V’s long cake request includes McQueen, Dog, Sesame Street, and Disney cake. For now he was happy to help me make Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookies which is also one of the first bake goodies I made some years ago. Also when my Lola Mommy turned 80 years old, we (Mama, Badet and I) baked a 5 dozens of these and everyone just loved them cookies! Lola even kept a tupperware full of cookies hidden in her closet. Oh how I miss her!   After showing Vierte how to scoop some cookie dough, roll on chocolate chips then transfer on baking sheet he decided to use the cupcake tray. Happily he sings “scoop, put cookie, sprinkle oh-yeah! See mama …