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Eggspectation Restaurant review

Eggspectation, is it just eggs?

Kuya V: “What are we having for dinner?” Me: “We have a reservation at Eggspectation.” Kuya V: “Eggs for dinner? Only eggs in the menu? I’m so hungry, I can’t just have eggs.” I think he imagined green eggs in the menu which prompted a request to get burgers and ice cream after dinner. He was that worried. You really can’t blame the kid, the name Eggspectation does begin with egg which suggest that their menu mostly consists of different ways eggs are prepared and of course breakfast. I am happy with breakfast options anytime of the day. So, is it really just eggs and breakfast dishes in the menu? Warm welcome greeted us as we entered the restaurant, the place was not full that Friday night so we were immediately seated. Ms. Aschely was assigned to take care of us, both kids were given activity papers with the kids menu on it and some crayons, a baby chair was offered for LittleMiss but she only want to sit with me. The place looked big because of …