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Eggspectation, is it just eggs?

Kuya V: “What are we having for dinner?”

Me: “We have a reservation at Eggspectation.”

Kuya V: “Eggs for dinner? Only eggs in the menu? I’m so hungry, I can’t just have eggs.”

I think he imagined green eggs in the menu which prompted a request to get burgers and ice cream after dinner. He was that worried.

You really can’t blame the kid, the name Eggspectation does begin with egg which suggest that their menu mostly consists of different ways eggs are prepared and of course breakfast. I am happy with breakfast options anytime of the day.

So, is it really just eggs and breakfast dishes in the menu?

Warm welcome greeted us as we entered the restaurant, the place was not full that Friday night so we were immediately seated. Ms. Aschely was assigned to take care of us, both kids were given activity papers with the kids menu on it and some crayons, a baby chair was offered for LittleMiss but she only want to sit with me. The place looked big because of it’s glass walls that provided a good view of the beach front facilities, guests can also choose to seat outside perfect in the cooler months.

For appetizer’s we ordered Onion rings and French Fries with a French Kiss, you can choose between sweet potato fries and French fries. Boring starters right? I really wanted to get the Smoked Salmon Crostini but decided against it since I am the only one eating smoked salmon. The complimentary multigrain bread with butter and jam was served minutes after we got our appetizers. The bread was so good paired with the jam and butter that I had to stop myself or else I won’t have any room for mains. The fresh fruit drinks was something else, it was refreshing not overly sweet and a really good mix. LittleMiss and I shared a glass of Perfectly Pink – a mis of strawberries, banana and yoghurt, Tropical Teaser for Kuya V is a mix of pineapple, mango and banana while Daddy C had A Tropical Paradise with loads of mix berries, banana, mango, pineapple and orange juice.

They have steak and burgers in the menu and we were drawn to them, a meat lover’s weakness. They have a good selection of salad like the Goat Cheese Saladmix greens, sauted spinach, house vinaigrette topped with warm goats cheese which was the photographed on the menu looked so good. Daddy C was debating between getting the Eggstraordinary Lobster Mac and Cheese or one of the Eggsecutive Burgers.

Kuya V our soon to be eight year old boy ordered the Fillet Mignon Béarnaise, cooked well done. I always order medium well for him but Daddy decided against it because it was late and V might have trouble digesting the meat. He ended up not really enjoying the steak because he found it tough and complained that it was not salty enough, he smothered it with ketchup. Daddy and I tried and ate it with the béarnaise sauce and taught that it was good. See, I think we made a mistake asking it to be cooked well done since the fillet mignon has less fat, I wished the chef gave us a better suggestion on how best to enjoy it. I know the customer’s always right but we could be wrong too. We totally accept the blame with this particular dish and a lesson that steak should always be prepared medium to medium well for our family. We switched steaks and he was a happy kid.

I have no complains with my Fiery Chimichurri Steak, grilled to a perfect medium well. Daddy took notice that I seem to order any main dish served with chimichurri sauce, I like saying chimichurri and therefore conclude the name of our future dog will be chimichurri. LittleMiss had a few bite of our steaks along with here pancakes, she requested just Pancakes with strawberry on the side.

Daddy C ordered the Eggsecutive BBQ Burger topped with crispy beef bacon, cheddar cheese and onion rings. He took one big bite and forgot about us for a second. So yes, he didn’t have any complains. He happily shared some and I completely agree, the meat which he requested cooked medium was bursting with flavor and the sauce compliments all the components so well. We love bbq sauce! Click on the close-up photo of the burger and drool.

We didn’t pass the opportunity to order from their egg dishes, it is after all called Eggspectation. I would have preferred any one of the 9 Eggs Benedict selection on the menu but the boys won by two votes and ordered Lobster Omelette. The omelette had a generous filling of lobster and cheese. It was really delicious but I would have preferred more hollandaise sauce on top. Maybe they could have indulge my request if I asked for more, but I didn’t.

Lobster Omelette

Lobster Omelette

Our sweet growing boy already had a dessert in mind – Chocolate Banana Crepe, dessert options are the first thing he checks out in the menu in every restaurant we go too. Ending the meal without dessert is after all not complete.

Overall we had a really good dining experience. Our server Aschely knew the menu, offered recommendations and patiently explained how the dish is prepared. We were expected guests, restaurant managers Ihab and Mahish visited our table and asked us how we were doing. They also visited other tables and chatted with the guests, this gesture I think makes the experience more personal.

The place is spacious enough that families with strollers can easily maneuver the area. My only issue is that they don’t have a changing table inside the ladies room, a stroller would comfortably fit inside and you could use it  but still it’s an essential need for families with babies. I really hope that they add a baby pull down changing facility in both rooms, Daddy’s has the ability to change nappies too.

Definitely not just eggs! We eggspected just an all day breakfast menu, Eggspectation definitely proved us wrong. They offer a wide selection of breakfast menu and more – salads, steaks, burger and pasta.

Eggspectation definitely eggceeded our eggspectation and we are definitely going back soon. Eggcited!


Hahaha! Sorry I can’t help it, my son has been trying to incorporate the word egg in his jokes.


The Beach, JBR
Phone: +(971) 443-07252 
Hours: 7am to 12am (Midnight) Daily
For more information visit the official site, here

Disclaimer: We were guest’s at Eggspectation, but as always views and opinions are my own.

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