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Birthday Carousel Ride

LittleMiss turns 3 

Dear LittleMiss, We are once again traveling on your birthday, this may be a sign that one of your life goal is to explore places. On your first birthday we traveled from HK to MNL via Cathay Pacific and now on your 3rd birthday we are on our way to LAX via KLM and plane will leave on your exact birth time 12:48 am. Ever since we entered the month of June we’ve had mini celebrations. In some days you wake up and grab one of our baking books and ask me to bake a cupcake, you’ve always chosen the one’s that has pink icing. Last June 16 we had an advance celebration with your bestfriend Little Dude and Kuya at Adventure Land. We ate pizza and had cheesecake for your birthday celebration. You declared it to be the best birthday ever.   Mama noticed looking back at your previous birthdays that I haven’t really baked you a proper cake. We baked a Vanilla cake with you as my little helper. You measured and mix …

No Nappy No..Please

LittleMiss Chloe wakes-up every morning at around 6:30 am just in time to kiss Daddy & Kuya V goodbye, after that we either play a little or she asks for nanan and go back to sleep. That morning was different, LittleMiss and Kuya played while waiting for Daddy to finish dressing up for work. After saying our bye’s, she told me “No nappy Mama.” I arranged a mat under her blanket and allowed her to sleep without any nappy. She has been refusing to wear either cloth diaper or disposables for a few days now – maybe we are ready to potty train. I went out the bedroom and proceeded to do my house chores. A few minutes later she went out with a disposable in one hand and stood at the corner of our sofa.