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Themed Nights at Millennium Plaza Hotel + Giveaway

    We were invited at the re-launch of Millennium Plaza Hotel’s Themed Nights in their Metro Cuisine Restaurant. Themed nights will feature array of food from Southeast Asia and Indian cuisines. Although Indian cuisine is widely available in Dubai and one of my closest friends is from Kerala – we always stick to the familiar food when dining out. My idea of Indian food is limited to papadams, buttered chicken, naan, dosa and Kerala style veggie stew.   We were spoilt with choices from appetizers to desserts – the buffet had live pakora and chaat stations. We browsed through the food choices and to my surprise no sight of buttered chicken! I asked our pleasant waiter Shajeev if there was indeed no buttered chicken in the menu and he said there was none. He suggested that I try the lamb and chicken curry instead.

Train ride with my Little Ones

My first train ride with two kids happened last weekend. Daddy C was on a business trip to India and I have to go to my dentist. I can’t reschedule my dentist appointment since it was important that my orthotic device (for my TMJ) be adjusted. We had a long train ride ahead of us: Stadium station to Marina station. V was very excited while I kept on praying that LittleMiss won’t ask for “nanan” (breastmilk) for the entire ride. V saw the sign just perfect for us! But we didn’t get to sit. It was 8:30 am and the train was full! Both kids still in a jolly mood, V was entertaining LittleMiss doing his balancing act. We finally got to sit after 6 stations and the kids getting bored already. LittleMiss want me to buckle & un-buckle her while in the stroller. Good thing, iPadNanny was with me who managed to keep the kids (& passengers) entertained with Despicable Me 2 till we reached Marina station. V took care of LittleMiss with the …