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Chloe Isabelle is 3 months

Our Princess you’re growing up fast. You have rewarded Mommy with 3-4 hours of sleep at night and unlike your Kuya you sleep in your crib. Swaddling helped you sleep from my arms to crib and you can even sooth yourself to sleep.  For morning naps you either sleep on your bouncer our flat on your tummy. Just recently you discovered your hands and feet. You would stare at them cute fingers and laugh when you get to lift your feet up. Daddy is having fun watching you lift your head while you hold on to his fingers.

to swaddle or not?

  Sleep has been a main concern when I gave birth to Chloe. Our initial plan was to transfer V to a bed of his own so baby can sleep with me in bed (as I did with V before) but that didn’t happen. On our first week at home, Chloe slept in her crib but she would wake up every 30 minutes and with my C-Section it was hard for me to stand-up and get her in and out. With lack of sleep and discomfort on the surgery I decided to co-sleep with her in bed with me. I would get 3 to 4 hrs of sleep when she’s beside me and easier to breast feed her at night as well. One scary night came when I fell into a deep sleep and I woke up to a crying baby beside me with a pillow on covering her! Scared the life of me that I didn’t get any sleep that night. I decided the following night to let her sleep in the crib . …

Chloe Isabelle is 1 month

Chloe is a month old! C and I have been talking about the night we went to the hospital and if it weren’t for the 2 emergency CS who came after us Chloe should have been born on the 24th. All those seem just like it happened yesterday. During our hospital stay we struggled with breastfeeding that I almost resorted to formula good thing the nurses around me was encouraging that I was feeding her just fine. Here we are a month after happy to say that I have established a good  breast milk supply. Oh sleep..well I’m lucky if I get a good 3 hours and that only happens if she sleeps beside me in bed with her Kuya Vierte. The first week we came home I let her sleep in the crib but that didn’t work for us, I kept checking if she was ok and by the time I’m sure that she is breathing well and I’m about to sleep Chloe wakes up hungry. In the morning though she sleeps long hours …