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to swaddle or not?


Sleep has been a main concern when I gave birth to Chloe. Our initial plan was to transfer V to a bed of his own so baby can sleep with me in bed (as I did with V before) but that didn’t happen. On our first week at home, Chloe slept in her crib but she would wake up every 30 minutes and with my C-Section it was hard for me to stand-up and get her in and out. With lack of sleep and discomfort on the surgery I decided to co-sleep with her in bed with me.

Chloe sleeping in a Boppy body pillow

I would get 3 to 4 hrs of sleep when she’s beside me and easier to breast feed her at night as well. One scary night came when I fell into a deep sleep and I woke up to a crying baby beside me with a pillow on covering her! Scared the life of me that I didn’t get any sleep that night. I decided the following night to let her sleep in the crib .

Chloe sleeping in crib


It’s the 2nd week since then and I’ve not gotten a good hour of sleep, she would wake up every 30 minutes crying. A twitter friend suggested that I swaddle her so she can sleep longer on the crib. See Chloe can sleep 3 hours straight in her bouncer but not in her crib.


sleeping in her bouncer


I’m slowly introducing swaddling, for the first 3 days I wrap just her body and legs and tonight I’ll start wrapping one of her arms and will continue to do so for 3 days. During nap though I swaddle her with both arms wrap and she manages to sleep for an hour the most. As my twitter friend Armineh said the key to swaddling is to not give in.

swaddled & sleeping in her crib


How did you manage to get a good night sleep with your newborn?



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