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Caboodle dubai Freaky Friday

Science is Fun at Caboodle

We found ourselves spending a fun weekend at Caboodle, first was at Dubai Mall branch for Freaky Friday. Caboodle’s Freaky Friday is a monthly themed activity where children ages 18 months to 8 years old gets the opportunity to explore and discover a topic thru play. For the month of October it is all about science themed crafts and activities. Under the supervision of a friendly Caboodle staff, kids got to work on fun science experiments – How to make slime, Lava lamp and Ocean bottle.   Mo of Curiosity Lab showed more fun science activities much to the kids delight. LittleMiss Chloe was so interested that she volunteered! Science activities with Curiosity Lab was the highlight that Friday night.   For more information on Caboodle’s future events, click here.   * We were guest’s of Caboodle, Dubai Mall for this event.

A trip to The Mind Museum

We visited The Mind Museum during our 2013 Philippines vacation. Tadaah! V remembered our trip to the museum and asked if we have a similar one here in Dubai (still looking). The Mind Museum is located at Taguig City, it is an interactive Science museum that encourages visitors to touch and experience featured exhibits in their five galleries: Life, Atom, Earth, Universe and Technology.  Here’s a glimpse of what we saw inside: Aedi, the robot – welcomed all guest’s and talked about the exhibits we’ll get to see inside the museum.