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Baby Penguins at Ski Dubai

Last February 2, 2015 we were fortunate enough to witness a King Penguins incubating eggs at Ski Dubai. News came a few weeks after our visit that the egg has hatched, since then we have been looking forward to go back and see the baby. We went back to Ski Dubai for a VIP Penguin Encounter to meet all 4 new babies hatched inside the facility. Kuya V and LittleMiss were over the moon with happiness when I told them we are meeting the baby penguins. Similar to our encounter before we were ushered to a room where the penguins stay to rest. Paul, a king penguin who is the father of one of the baby penguin greeted us. Three of the babies – Limit, Apple and Pecan hatched last January, when they hatched they looked like a fur ball that would fit at the palm of your hand. In just mere two months the babies have increased their weight from 280 grams to 2800 grams. The penguin on the left with the yellow band is Cuddly and she is a surrogate Mama of baby penguin “Hug”, …

Snow Penguins Encounter at Ski Dubai

We won 4 tickets to a Exclusive Peng-Friend Encounter at Ski Dubai from Costa Coffee UAE. Below is the the winning picture we submitted. The LittleOne’s were very happy when I told them we are going back to the snow park and meet the penguins. It was the perfect time to meet them up close because we just watched the movie Penguins of Madagascar.