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Snow Penguins Encounter at Ski Dubai

We won 4 tickets to a Exclusive Peng-Friend Encounter at Ski Dubai from Costa Coffee UAE. Below is the the winning picture we submitted.


The LittleOne’s were very happy when I told them we are going back to the snow park and meet the penguins. It was the perfect time to meet them up close because we just watched the movie Penguins of Madagascar.

Sadly, guest’s are not allowed to take photos during the penguin encounter but Ski Dubai provides the group with a personal photographer. Every time I took my phone out to check for Dad’s messages, our tour guide called my attention.

We went for our penguin encounter on a Monday, Hera (our guide) told us that it is best to schedule encounters on a weekday because it tends to be crowded during the weekend. True enough we didn’t have to share the experience with another group.

The tour started off with house rules: taking photos not allowed, touch penguins only when advised and finally have fun. Hera told us that they are mixing their own salt water for the penguins and the fish they feed them are imported from Canada. Ski Dubai takes care of almost 14 Gentoo and King penguins.

On our way to the aquarium where the penguins swam, we met two male  King penguins incubating eggs. They need to do the task for two months, both mama and papa take turns in doing the task. We hope that the eggs stay healthy and finally hatch to beautiful chicks.

Penguin Play

Each penguins have a lunchbox were all the fish are kept, this is to monitor how much food they have eaten daily. We got a chance to feed and play with them. Jumeirah one of the dominant penguin was particularly playful with us.

We had a final photo-op with the penguins. It was so difficult to choose photos to print, each guests is entitled to 1 free photo. We resisted in buying more prints because it cost 100 dhs each!  Aside from the complimentary photos we also got a painting souvenir from our penguin friend.


The tour ended with a complimentary yummy hot chocolate at St. Mortiz cafe.


Kuya V with our guide Hera.

Thank you to Ski Dubai and Costa Coffee UAE for the lovely prize.

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