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How to make slime dough

Slime Dough

Lately, my LittleOnes are into making slime – first one with borax and this time with chia seeds. The look on their face when everything comes together is priceless, it’s like magic happening right before their eyes. Johnson’s surprised us a gift basket of their newest Pure Protect Kids range. To the kids delight it included an exploration recipe booklet and one of the recipe is this slime dough we are sharing with you today. I was not able to take photos during playtime, our hands were sticky and play area so messy.

Slime video tutorial

How to make slime

LittleOne’s asked me to take a video tutorial on how they made slime. Things you need to make slime. 1 tsp Borax powder 8 oz of White or Clear Glue 1 1/2 cup water Food coloring Procedure: Prepare two mixing bowls. Dissolve borax in 1 cup of water. In a separate bowl pour in glue and add a few drops of food coloring. Add 1/2 cup of water. Mix till combined. Pour the glue solution to the borax water and mix. After a few stirs you get a slime! *Borax is not available in Dubai, we bought our box in the US.