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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles unboxing

Kids Corner: Unboxing Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Any toy presented in egg like containers was the one constant toy on every kids (I know) wishlist. MissChloe belong to the bunch of kids who gave us hints that this is the toy that would really make her super happy! But. We were boring parents and refused to buy her one. Why? We already have a lot of toys and she already own one Hatchimal. She did not give up and solved the problem by saving up her weekly allowance and earnings from selling cupcakes. Her savings was more than enough for her to buy half of the toys in her wishlist. We helped her hatched her first batch and I do admit that it was quite exciting to finally see what was inside. Does your kid own one?

toys for less al barsha

Toys For Less in Dubai

A favorite moment of mine will always be watching my kids expression on Christmas day as they open beautifully wrapped boxes with their names on it. Christmas is just around the corner and our kids wish list is getting longer every day. Its time to think about things to buy and making sure you are staying on budget. We recently discovered Toys For Less a sister company of Brands For Less which offers affordable branded toys and clothes for kids. Available items A wide range of toys for kids up till pre-teens is available. However, the toys you might see in the photos I posted might not be available when you visit. I advise that when you see something you think your kids or godchildren will like better grab hold of them because the staff won’t be able to guarantee if its still there on your next visit. For instance we were looking for Shopkins and Play-Doh toys on our first visit but when we went back the following week we found both. Clothes for both boys and girls …

Skylanders Limited Edition for E3

LittleMan V requested that we put his collection on the blog, so here it is. We give V rewards whenever he does good in school (he was perfect in all his dictation sheets in class and passed school entrance exam), and he would always ask for toys and on that particular toy store trip he was looking for the Trash Pack toys but it was not available.  Good thing it was not available! Daddy came home one night with the Skylanders PS3 Starter Pack and from then on Vs collection has reached to 30 characters.  He’s watching videos and reading about them. He made a video about them which I recorded using my iPhone. We followed Skylander gamers on youtube and he learned about the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and asked us to go the expo. He felt really bad when he learned that those who went to the expo got limited edition Skylander characters. I told him that one of Mama’s friend was in the E3 expo, both V and Dad exclaimed that Mama …

little toys called Bakugan

  We bought V this Bakugan set as a prize for doing well in his first school concert, he’s been saving every coin he finds around the house to be able to buy one. They start out as ball and when you place or roll them on top of the cards they change to this “robot” like thingie. I spent a good 2 hours trying to figure out how to put them back. If you find one mommy with a box of this little ball monsters that’s probably me.