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Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1, Day 4

Last session for our Wilton Course 1 is all about buttercream roses. Since it’s our last day we were also asked to bring our final cake which we get to do final design in the class. I had a hard time getting the roses done the Wilton way, it took me more or less 10 tries to get an acceptable rose. For the class I bought 2 kinds of buttercream – store bought and homemade, the obvious difference between them is the store bought ones have smooth petal edges while the other is not.   On to a my final cake, I bought a 4 layer 8″ cake in it’s final iced stage to school. I initially planned to make buttercream flowers a week before class but was not able to even make one. I piped leaves as top cake border and placed the roses I made during class, ran out of time to make more flowers to make it look like a bouquet cake. Anyway, I’m still happy how my cake turned out.

Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1, Day 3

Day 3 of our Building Buttercream Skills course was all about flowers. We were asked to bring 8 treats that has a flat surface and shaped either round or rectangle. Ms. A taught us to pipe Bead, for borders Leaves Grass Star Drop Flower Swirl Drop Flower Daisy Sunflower Zinnia As always, while Ms. A did a demonstration on how to make each flower it looked so easy. I had a hard time specially with making daisy and I made use of the leftover buttercream from day 2 which still works fine in piping but we noticed that it was already oily and a lot of air has been incorporated into it. Lesson’s learned: Use a medium soft icing consistency Turn flower nail anti-clockwise. Place nail on the 1st line of your finger and move with the help of thumb towards the end. Consistent pressure control Let the piping tip do it’s work The yellow ones were made by Ms. A and the middle was well my creation.  Final reminder is to Practice…Practice…Practice…   Homework for …

Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1, Day 2

For the 2nd session of our Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course we were asked to prepare a firm 8″ cake, 2 recipe’s of buttercream, piping gel and cake filling. I prepared all of these Thursday evening because we have a busy weekend, every thing was stored in the refrigerator and thawed Friday night for my class the next day. I was not feeling well for my class, didn’t get enough sleep trying to fix my iPhone which got stuck to Error Code 53 after doing the latest ios update. My iphone 6 still not working, Argh! That’s another story to tell, back to my class. Ms. A (our teacher) showed us how to: level a cake using a cake leveler separate cake in two create a dam place filling apply a crumb coat final coat and smoothen surface I have done the following task before, it felt good that even if I’ve never attended a class prior to this one I was actually doing it correctly. While waiting for our crumb coat to crust Ms, A showed us new methods: …