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Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1, Day 2

For the 2nd session of our Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course we were asked to prepare a firm 8″ cake, 2 recipe’s of buttercream, piping gel and cake filling. I prepared all of these Thursday evening because we have a busy weekend, every thing was stored in the refrigerator and thawed Friday night for my class the next day.

I was not feeling well for my class, didn’t get enough sleep trying to fix my iPhone which got stuck to Error Code 53 after doing the latest ios update. My iphone 6 still not working, Argh! That’s another story to tell, back to my class.

Ms. A (our teacher) showed us how to:

  • level a cake using a cake leveler
  • separate cake in two
  • create a dam
  • place filling
  • apply a crumb coat
  • final coat and smoothen surface

I have done the following task before, it felt good that even if I’ve never attended a class prior to this one I was actually doing it correctly. While waiting for our crumb coat to crust Ms, A showed us new methods:

  • apply the final buttercream coating
  • smoothen buttercream with the use of parchment paper
  • how to use piping gel & parchment paper to transfer designs
  •  Piping
    • dot
    • pulled dot
    • elongated shapeshow to transfer designs using piping gel.

The course kit practice sheets have several designs like cupcake, owl and butterfly. I printed my own design requested by LittleMiss, a Peppa Pig fairy picture. My mistake was that the photo was small and the piping methods were not defined, all I can do was tiny star and tiny dots.

Wilton Course 1: Peppa Pig Fairy Cake

My LittleOnes were very happy with the cake – “You’re so good Mama! I’m so proud!”

I am not happy with my cake. Planned to practice all the skills during the week but failed, I was not feeling well.


On our second day, I learned the following:

  • Smoothen final buttercream icing with parchment paper
  • Transfer design with piping gel
  • Level cake, it is much easier with a cake leveler (I already own one)
  • Use tips 3 and 12 to pipe

Homework for session 3:

  • Make 8 sweet treats with flat surface – krispy treats, cookies and brownies
  • Buttercream icing

You can read all about day 1 here.

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