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Steak & Sushi Night, The Address Marina


A late post on where we had our Christmas dinner.

We spent our Christmas day of 2014 just us four – woke up late and ate Noche Buena left-over’s for brunch then off to hear mass at St. Mary’s Catholic church and finally had a special dinner of …

Steak and Sushi at Mazina, The Address Dubai Marina.

Dining on a buffet setting the first thing that we check out are the meat and seafood selection, going somewhere where the highlight are two of our family favorites was something we can’t resist.

Guest’s have two options to enjoy (1) choose either Steak or Sushi only for Dhs 180 or (2) Steak and Sushi for Dhs 280. Diners get an unlimited serving of sushi (also includes maki & sashimi) and and 1 plate of steak, plus drinks, some appetizers, soup and desserts available that night.


We chose the second option.

Kid’s menu was not available that night, it did not bother us since they had turkey (it was Christmas day) and both kids eat steak. Lakshaman, who took care of our needs did ask if the kids wanted a certain dish and he could ask the chef if it is possible to prepare what the kids wanted. This was also the first time that Kuya V ate sushi and maki, he kept telling himself I didn’t know this was good.


We started off with bread and herb butter and some sushi, while we waited for our steak. I prefer my steak medium rare while the husband had his medium well.

Steak Medium Rare

Steak Medium Well


My first impression was that the steak was thinly sliced, which might be an issue for those who would opt to choose steak only option. Since we had sushi before our steak was served, we were satisfied and happy with option 2.

Our LittleOne’s still had room for dessert, they were spoilt with choices.

Mazina is one of our favorite family restaurant, we’ve been to the generation creation brunch and they know how to keep the kids and the whole family entertained.

We had a lovely night, enjoyed good food and had a memorable dining experience. The staff took care of us, made sure that we got what we needed before we asked for it. They noticed that LittleMiss liked the sweet potato chips and brought her more without us asking.

Special thanks to Mr. Lakshamanan who made our dinner memorable for his service.



As of the moment, steak & sushi night is no longer offered at Mazina. Click here for more information on their dining offers.


*This is not a sponsored post. 

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