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All smiles with The Happy Box

We surprised the LittleOnes with The Happy Sweetheart Box for Valentines day.  True to it’s name, the Happy Box definitely brought smiles and giggles to our home – a reason why they deserve a feature here.


Here’s a short video of what’s inside.

I have been searching and pinning a lot of crafting & kid activities on my pinterest board that would keep both my kids busy.  Any material that I see which I think we can use in the future for our crafts, I tend to hoard because it’s quite difficult to source out things like pipe cleaners and googly eyes. You can see some of our crafts on our Child’s Play category here in the blog.

The Happy Box, provides parents & care givers all the things we could possibly need for crafting with our LittleOnes. Each box is filled with 8 educational activities and a book base on that month’s theme – February was all about love.


Each crafts are individually packed with instructions and materials needed. The instruction sheet includes information on what skill our children is working on, warning labels specially when working with younger kids and finally suggestions on where/how you can make use of the craft.


Both mixed up some of the materials when Kuya took lead with Dad’s supervision (playing ps4). I hid the activities from the big brother because he was eager to do all of them in one day.

LittleOnes have declared our morning craft session a “Happy Box Day!”

Reasons why LittleOnes love The Happy Box:

  1. The kids felt so special to see their names in the box which includes a handwritten note from one of the founders, Jumana.
  2. Each activity is individually packed in clear bags that contains all things you need.
  3. The 1 page instructions available in English and Arabic were clear and easy to follow.
  4. Activities are designed to help our children with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive skills.
  5. Meant to improve child-parent bonding , all we parent’s need to do is to sit with our child and spend time with them. Everything we need to complete the craft is already provided.

Things we’d like them to improve on:

  1. Photos on the instructions are small and some were taken in low light.
  2. Provide a “recycle your box” incentive that can maybe lower the cost or earn kids points. An option for parents to drop-off used box for the team to make use of for the following month.

We bought the box for 250 AED which we paid upon delivery. They also have a subscription package here.

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