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Up-Close with the Endeavour Space Shuttle at California Science Center


A visit to the California Science Center was not in our plan; we honestly did not know that it is home to the Endeavour Space Shuttle.

Endeavour Space Shuttle

As we enter the Samuel Oschin Pavilion our jaws dropped at the sight of the Endeavour Space Shuttleit was huge and completely overwhelming.  It’s not every day that you get to see a space shuttle up close.

There is a reservation fee of $2 to see the Endeavour which you can purchase online (timed reservation is required beginning September 2015). We purchased IMAX tickets to watch Galapagos 3D which entitled us to a free pass to see the space shuttle. Kuya V sat thru the movie while the rest of us fell asleep, we were jetlagged.

Endeavour Space Hab

Aerospace engineer and entrepreneur Robert Citron invented the spacehab; its initial purpose was a way for tourist to travel to space aboard a shuttle. NASA didn’t approve it for space tourism. The idea of a space tour – amazing and scary.

Make sure you attend the science experiments happening as well as ask question to the staff in the pavilion. They patiently answer questions and give you loads of information about the space shuttle.

Endeavour Fast Facts

Fast Facts about the Endeavour is available, make sure you read each of them. I sadly missed out on some fact sheets because I was following LittleMiss around.


a replica of the mission control room where they monitored all the space shuttle and communicated with the astronauts.

Endeavour Rocket Booster

Space shuttle’s rocket booster.

Endeavor Engine

Look at how huge the main engine is! This Space Shuttle Main Engine which was on loan from NASA.

Endeavour Space Shuttle on the Road

We watched a documentary on how they transferred the space shuttle from the LAX airport to the California Science Center. It took them 4 days to safely travel Endeavour on the roads of LA to the center.

Endeavour Space Shuttle

The Endeavour went to space on 25 missions.

While we know that space shuttle and astronauts exists, getting to see the Endeavour Space Shuttle made it real for us. After this visit, we have added a trip to NASA (and get to meet astronauts) added on our family bucket list.

There is so much other things to see inside the center that you could easily spend the whole day.  The center did not disappoint as it offered a lot of activities for the kids to do and admission was free!

CnC family highly recommend a visit to the California Science Center.

For more information visit the center’s website.

What we paid for the visit:

  • Parking – $10
  • Museum Entrance – Free
  • Endeavour Tour – $2
  • IMAX movie – $8.25 (18yrs above) + $5 (4yrs-12yrs)
    • Endeavour tour free with every purchase of IMAX movie.

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  1. How amazing to see that. I remember seeing a space shuttle when I was a child and I still remember how enormous it was. Looks like an amazing day out.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

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