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Promoting Kids’ Creativity & Imagination

I am always finding way’s to keep my LittleOnes entertained, less gadget and more play. Today we have a guest post from Charlotte where she shares a list of toys and activities that will help our children get busy.

Charlotte Sorley is a mum of three and is always looking for new ways to keep her little ones entertained to allow her to finally get round to those pesky chores. When she’s not running around after her brood she loves walking the dog and the odd spot of gardening


It’s amazing how much imagination children have and how much fun they can enjoy in their self-created worlds. Beyond entertaining a child, their imagination and creativity are vital for growth and development. Along with literacy, mathematical, social and physical skills, creativity should be nurtured for a well-rounded skill set. Here are some ways that you can encourage their imaginations.


  1. Jigsaws and puzzles

The magic of watching a puzzle come together to create a beautiful image has been a popular pastime for many generations. Choose a themed one that you know they are interested in, whether it be animals or a favourite cartoon character. Through puzzling the pieces together, little ones learn motor skills and problem-solving skills, while gaining self-esteem and working in a team with a parent or friend.

  1. Dress up

Dressing up as a character, from super heroes to everyday characters like parents or firefighters, can teach kids a variety of skills. Simply putting the costume on enables them to get changed quickly, so putting on the school uniform will become easier! As dress up is usually played with friends, it also encourages social, planning and language skills. Children love to act like older adults and it might also help them to see the amount of work mum and dad actually do around the house!

  1. Log ideas

Whether it’s a notebook, tablet or even a piece of recording equipment (it is 2015 after all!), get kids to log their ideas. They might to continue developing a sketch, work on finishing a song or finish a problem solving game. They can revisit projects, which will help them to understand the importance of dedicating time and attention to things that they love. You will also be able to look at these collections of work yourself and talk to them about what they have been getting up to. This way you’ll be able to spot any particular interests and talents.


  1. Small play times

It’s no secret that action figures can keep kids happy for hours, let their imaginations run wild creating landscapes and adventures for them to take part in, not only that but compared to the latest must-have gadgets they are a very cheap way to keep the little ones entertained.  They can also teach them about sharing toys with other children and being social with them. Animal toys will also intrigue little minds and prompt them to ask more questions about different species and geography and appreciate the world around.

  1. Creative space

A dedicated area for play doesn’t have to be huge, perhaps a brightly decorated corner in the room. Having such an area shows children that they have time and space to escape with their imaginations. Having a separate study area also helps them to understand that it is important to spend a balanced time on creative and academic subjects.

Watch your kids grow and help spark their minds with creativity that will continue to be invaluable throughout their education.

Image by Philippe Put and Donnie Ray Jones used under the Creative Commons License.

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