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Back to school Bento ideas

Summer vacation is almost over. We have a few days left till school starts and I have two students this year. Time fly by so fast, weren’t they just babies yesterday! We have books to cover and label, uniforms to sort, choose the right bag, plan for our kids lunch and snack in school.

Back To School Bento Ideas

Here is a list of lunch & snack ideas for our kids:

1. My LittleOnes favorite for breakfast or to snack on when we are on the go is hands down chicken nuggets. You can make a batch ahead of time and it’s pack of assorted vegetables – carrots, broccoli, potato and celery – you can add whatever is available in your pantry. Definitely a much healthier option than those available in the market.

2. We never ran out of bananas in the house, the kids occasionally eat them as a fruit. They however cannot resist a slice of banana bread with streusel or banana pistachios oat chocochip cake. I usually wait for the bananas to have some spots before using them to bake.

3. Another use of ripe bananas is for smoothies and ice cream. The kids favorite combination is banana and berries, we’ve have been making raspberry smoothie and strawberry yonanas. Make this ahead of time and freeze, by the time they reach school it’s has defrosted to a smoothie consistency. You’re kids are probably the ones who brought iced treat in school and it is also a perfect for after school snack.

4. Anything crunchy makes snack time happy, right? Chocolate Chip cookies is a staple in our house and I prefer to make them, it’s a great bonding time with the kids. If you are staying away from gluten a good alternative is Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip cookie.

5. Chicken schnitzel is also a favorite which can be paired with steamed vegetables or rice. I always pack a rice meal for our growing Kuya when they have sports scheduled, so he has enough energy for the rest of the day.

6. The usual sandwich sometimes gets boring, a easy alternative is to turn them to puff treat using store bought puff pastry. The filling you can use is endless my favorite will always be the apple pie puff 

7. Chicken Arroz Caldo with Quinoa is a complete meal pack, it’s best eaten warm so pack in a thermal box or just reheat if the kids (husband) has access to a microwave.

8. Reward your kids with something sweet for waking up early with some coconut macaroons, brownies or a piece of their favorite chocolate bar.


I hope the list will help you plan ahead and have a stress free first week of school.

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