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2015 Bento Week: September 6 – 10

Second week of school and we are getting into the groove. I should really plan a week worth of packed lunch for the bunch but still procrastinating in doing one, hopefully before the month ends.

Here’s our bento baon for the week.



We had fish tempura for dinner and the LittleOne’s loved it, they requested that I pack it for their baon this week. My one concern is how to keep tempura crispy by lunch time, recipe and tips on how to keep it a bit crispy, here. Inside our goodbyn we have fish tempura + ketchup, sweet corn, mandarin oranges.




Kuya V shared over our tea time that most of his friends only pack 1 food in school while he has lot’s of choices and thanked me for giving him a good baon. I told him that his bento today will remind him to always eat his school food or else Mama’s mood will be grumpy. We packed sweet ham, rice, boiled egg and waffles inside our smash box containers bought at Centrepoint.




Breakfast for lunch – rice, bacon, hotdogs, banana and oreo’s. I clearly didn’t prepare for today’s bento and just packed what we had for breakfast that morning. Drew a face on the banana skin to make it fun.




Kid’s requested for pancake/waffles again. Filled our planetbox rover with longganisa, watermelon balls and cinnamon sugar waffles.



LittleMiss is off to school this week and she specifically asked for pancakes. Prepared a bear family pancakes, watermelon balls, and yoghurt milk.




Kuya V gets off early from school every Thursday, which means that he will eat lunch at home. Inside our planetbox we have four cheese pizza, sugar cookies, strawberries and strawberry banana smoothie. LittleMiss bought the same set of food in school except for the pizza.

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