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2015 Bento Week: September 13 – 17

This was quite a challenging week, I was not feeling quite myself – no energy to get up early in the morning and do chores the rest of the day. I’m just happy we survived yet another week, we have food on the table and healthy.




We have a messy looking turkey ham and cheese rolls, apple slices, steamed sweet corn and yakult.



Baked chicken katsu the night before for today’s bento.

Kuya V went to school with a chicken katsu onigirazu, sugar cookies, apples and watermelon balls.


LittleMiss had chicken katsu strips, sugar cookies and watermelon balls.


I added a homemade kimchi sidedish for Daddy’s pack lunch.



Made use of left over salmon from last nights dinner and made fried rice.  LittleMiss asked that I pack her some Hello Kitty bread and cheese and as always a yoghurt milk. We use a Goodbyn lunchbox here.


Kuya V’s lunch was packed in a Thermos Funtainer which was filled with Salmon fried rice and meatballs with Bolognese sauce. A banana and nutella bread for him to eat inside the school bus.



I could not drag myself out of bed early this morning, Daddy and Kuya had to eat breakfast at McDonalds. Kuya V was dropped to school with 10 dirhams in his pocket to buy food at the canteen. LittleMiss wanted to go to school, I beg her not to because Mama was not well. Prepared some puto cheese the other day for today’s bento so I packed that for her with grapes, yoghurt with strawberries and milk.



After a day’s rest, I am finally back to my old self. For Kuya V’s lunch – puto cheese, grapes, banana nutella French toast and milk. He came home complaining that the French toast was soggy and did not like that it was not warm.


At LittleMiss’ nursery they were learning shapes and letters this week so I prepared a cut out French toast with honey glazed strawberry and banana plus vanilla flavored yoghurt.


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