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Best restaurants in the Middle East

A lot of new restaurants has been opening around the UAE, it’s already hard to keep up on who now serve’s the best Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine. Today, I welcome a guest post from Nihad Huzayen who will share with us his take on the best restaurants in the Middle East.

Nihad Huzayen is a passionate person who loves reading, writing, and of course… Food! His passion lies in sharing the love of food through leading people to restaurants that offer the best cuisines, service, and atmosphere.


Home to 16 countries – Arabic speaking mostly – the Middle East is a region famous for its exquisite cuisines, which is inspired and dates back to the oldest cultures and civilization. Consisting of both small and large dishes; cuisines commonly use rice, wheat bread, cheese, various salads and dips, such as tabbouleh, hummus and mutabbal, pickles, and more substantial items, such as grilled meat, kibbeh, and sausage to their table.

SUFRA – Jordan

Dedicated to deliver a truly authentic Jordanian experience, Sufra perfectly reflects and celebrates the Jordanian taste savored for over a thousand years based on culture and heritage through dishes prepared in their Arabic kitchen set in an old house. Jordanian food paired with the famous Jordanian hospitality. Each time a dish is served, Sufra creates an atmosphere of festivities. Ahlan wa Sahlan wa Sahtain…

Sea Fu – Dubai

One of the exceptional restaurants in Dubai, and located in the five-star Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, Sea Fu – as the name suggests – is a seafood restaurant set on a terrace with a waterfront view to enjoy the breezy al fresco dining. An intimate place that is perfect to enjoy your meal with your special one while gathering around the sunken fire pit and enjoying the sunset.

Set El Hesen – Lebanon

Also located in Beirut, Set El Hesen is undoubtedly one of the most genuine Lebanese restaurants that makes you feel right at home, with their oriental mezza, fresh meats and fish, aside to several delicious desserts, Set El Hesen is a dream for traveling in time and space to enjoy traditional and various Lebanese dishes that have become a part of the Lebanese kitchen.

KOI – Abu Dhabi

Located in Abu Dhabi, KOI offers their guests a range of imaginative dishes inspired by traditional Japanese dishes, and signature cocktails, paired with an atmosphere that evokes both intrigue and serenity. KOI introduces their featured Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Tuna, Hamachi Fusion, and Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Tartare, and many more plates to offer a truly unforgettable experience.

The Meat Co – Bahrain

With their new place in Bahrain, The Meat Co is located in the heart of the popular culinary area of Al Quadaibiya, is considered one of the must-go-to restaurants in Bahrain, bringing experience in slicing meet and cooking it, they also bring an elegant design mixed with polished wooden flooring perfectly blends with the tastes offered by this restaurant.

Al Dana

As the only oceanfront restaurant in Doha, Al Dana entertains their guests with a visually exciting show kitchen and sushi counter where they can observe the art of cooking in action while gathering over evening cocktails, and enjoy an outdoor beach terrace with stunning views of wind swaying palms over Doha bay.

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  1. Koi is awesome no doubt. But if you prefer something more casual, I would recommend Sushi Counter in Dubai Marina. Amazing food in a very relaxed setting.

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