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Lunchbox Review: Citron Box

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Many of you know that I pack school lunches in a variety of lunchboxes for my kids.

Citron is a Dubai-based company founded by Mommy who had a fussy eater. I was fortunate enough to meet and share a conversation with on how the brand came about, which earned a special place in our family. The brand’s mantra is “We will never bring something we wouldn’t give our kids.” Resonates to every parent!

We currently own two boxes from Citron and here are our thoughts on them.

Citron 4-compartment box

I find myself choosing this to pack my eldest son’s school lunch because it holds more food compared to our Yumbox Panino.

Purchase Citron 4 Compartment box via Mumzworld, here and use my code “cuddle10” for an additional 10% off.


  • Latch is easy to open even for toddlers.
  • lightweight and compact
  • Leak-proof – I have packed watery sauces and had not encountered issues of it transferring to other compartments.
  • Alphabet stickers that came with the box for a more personalized look and labeling.
  • Insert tray has beautiful designs.
  • Easy to clean – inner tray is removable and fits snuggly back theouter tray.
  • A microwavable inner tray, as per described on the website. We don’t heat food in plastic containers so have not used it for this purpose.


  • Finding a bag to fit the box can be challenging because it is bigger in size at 5 x 17.5 x 22.5 cm
  • Grease and food stain will be an issue if box is not washed after each use. I use a straw brush to clean corners and silicon lid.
  • As with other bento boxes, leaving it out to air dry overnight is a must, else you must pat it dry to be able to immediately reuse it. Thus, owning several bento box is a must.

Chloe says: I like the color. It is big and I have to move plenty stuff in my table to eat.

Kuya V says: I like it.

Citron Vert

A stainless steel box with 3 compartments which can store around 1400ml of food. My husband mostly use this box for his office meals.

Purchase Citron Vert via Mumzworld, here and use my code “cuddle10” for an additional 10% off.


  • Lid has a silicon seal and lock clips which makes the whole box leak-proof.
  • Tons of space for food – biggest compartment can hold two cups of food.
  • Easy to clean. As with all stainless steal boxes, food smell and stain is not an issue.
  • Sturdy, durable and lightweight.
  • Affordable compared to most stainless box available in the market.


  • Lock clips can be a challenge to open for younger kids.
  • Compartment wall has a small gap in the corner which might cause a little leak if you pack watery sauce. A saucer with lid is included which you can use.
    • Tested by packing a yoghurt and it mostly stayed in place even after shaking the box BUT a little of the water component did leak out the other side.
    • I spoke to Citron about the gaps on the corner and they replied that they intentionally designed the box that way for ease in cleaning corners and thus it really is for hygienic purpose, which I totally understand because the inner corners are difficult to clean.
  • Not microwavable.
  • Water stains will appear if you don’t pat dry with cloth after washing.



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