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What’s inside our GO BAG?

What is a ‘Go Bag’?

A ‘Go Bag‘ is something that you would grab in situations that require immediate evacuation. It basically is an emergency-preparedness bag that you pack in advance but hope you never need.

Contents of the bag should be sufficient for a 12-hour period. It is recommended to update contents of this bag every few months. You have to choose a bag that is large enough to carry the necessary items. I prefer to use a backpack so my hands are free to hold my children.

emergency bag

What is inside a Go Bag?

Travel and identification documents are the top most items that I make sure is updated and always inside our bag since we are living overseas. Make it a habit to scan important documents, then save it in a virtual drive and send copies to your relatives

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID (identification card for UAE residents)
  • Health Insurance Card 
  • Insurance Papers

First Aid Kit – masks, bandAid, antiseptic wipes and important medication. Include a copy of your physician’s prescription.

Flashlight and batteries. Ideally, a flashlight for each member of the family. For younger kids, a headlight or flashing emergency lights attach to their clothing.

Whistles with a neck cord for each member of that family will help in situation to call attention.

Gadgets like a mobile phone, cord, battery pack, and a solar charger.

Food with a long shelf life like canned goods, dates, energy bars, gum, candies and water.

Money of multiple currency that you have, include some jewelries too.

Clothes and mylar blankets. Pack a book or toy if you have smaller kids, this will help entertain and give them comfort.

Tools that you might need like Swiss army knife, duct tape, matches.

Where should I keep the bag?

Store bag in a central location where it is easy for any member of the family to grab. We have ours hanging by the main door. As of the moment, we only have 1 bag.

Ideally, I would have a bag for each member of the family. If and when I have this gut feeling, I would prepare a much more eleborate #emergencybag for all of us.

My kids are aware that the bag is important. Once they hear a building alarm, this is one of the first item they would grab after wearing sports shoes.

When they were younger, we would do a practice run by the emergency exit.

Yes, I am paranoid but I’d rather be prepared.

Do you have an emergency go bag?

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