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Samsung Launching People

Did you wake up today with a brilliant idea? An idea you know in your mind and heart, it will be the next big thing. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years now, some days I think that I am stuck to this mommy routine and there is nothing left for me, but I know deep in my heart that I am everything to these two little people, who I care for 24/7. A light bulb moment once sparked while preparing Little Miss lunch and assisting V on his homework,the idea got me all excited. Why in the world did I just think about it now! I’m sure it will be the next big thing! Then, reality slowly creeps in, questions & doubt slowly clouds my thoughts. How in the world will it work? Will someone even care to listen? And will they even believe in it, believe in me? Then, after having a cup of coffee, I (you) shrug it off as silly. DON’T! Rephrasing what Dr. Seuss’s said “A …

Dubai Miracle Garden

V’s exam week is finally over and we all need a breather, something new and definitely not inside a mall. The weather now is just perfect to be spent outdoors. Daddy C suggested that we drive to Dubai Miracle Garden since we haven’t been to the place yet. Sharing some photos: It was Friday afternoon and the place was packed with tourists and locals. We’d like to visit the garden on a weekday and enjoy a quiet morning appreciating all the flowers in bloom. LittleMan V had fun running around, smelling the flowers and teaching LittleMiss C the colors. She had fun copying whatever her big brother was doing. LittleMiss C and her awkward picture pose. Dubai Miracle Garden has about 45 million flowers in bloom, presented in stunning topiary designs of pyramids, flower beds, and Burj Khalifa. Flower designs will change every year so returning visitors will have something to look forward too every season. Food stalls are available for you to grab a quick bite, but I do suggest that you don’t visit …

Happy Healthy New Year!

I believe we are in the 3rd week of January and this is my first post for 2014. Oh dear, days go by so fast this month will soon be over. I’ve been really busy with Mommy duties since the holidays, V’s 1st term exam for all his 10 subjects is happening this week, having a child in school brings up parenting levels (& anxiety) a higher notch and believe but it feels like I’m also taking the exam.   MyNappytales family promised that for the year 2014  we will start eating more fruits everyday. Daddy C and I want to be a good example to the kids. A fruit platter now serves a centerpiece of our dining table – since we always see it and available within reach we were able to consume all the fruits (photo above) within 3 days. Both LittleMiss and LittleMan can sit down and consume a bowl of sweet strawberries while watching movies and so I’ve decided to add another berry to the list – a raspberry. We bought …

Train ride with my Little Ones

My first train ride with two kids happened last weekend. Daddy C was on a business trip to India and I have to go to my dentist. I can’t reschedule my dentist appointment since it was important that my orthotic device (for my TMJ) be adjusted. We had a long train ride ahead of us: Stadium station to Marina station. V was very excited while I kept on praying that LittleMiss won’t ask for “nanan” (breastmilk) for the entire ride. V saw the sign just perfect for us! But we didn’t get to sit. It was 8:30 am and the train was full! Both kids still in a jolly mood, V was entertaining LittleMiss doing his balancing act. We finally got to sit after 6 stations and the kids getting bored already. LittleMiss want me to buckle & un-buckle her while in the stroller. Good thing, iPadNanny was with me who managed to keep the kids (& passengers) entertained with Despicable Me 2 till we reached Marina station. V took care of LittleMiss with the …

Giveaway: Mother, Baby & Child Show 2013 Tickets

Congratulations!  Noona Al Sayyed BusyMommyDXB ***   Every year since we arrived in Dubai we have been to each of the MB&C Show. V absolutely love going to the show and participates on almost all the kiddie activities, have his photo taken with the mascots and for us parents this is the place where we get to complete our Christmas shopping. Pre-sales tickets priced at AED 65 (including entrance to the show and priority entrance to see Father Christmas) are available on AED 125 per person from 12-14 December 2013 This year I’m so happy to host a giveaway for the Mother, Baby & Child Show.  Two winners will get a chance to win 1 VIP ticket. For a chance to win you just need to do two things: 1) Tell me what your family Christmas tradition is by leaving a comment below. 2) Share this post and leave a comment telling me you did. Winners will be announced noon time on December 12 . More about the event here.

Hello December! 2013 Advent Calendar

Last year we started a family Christmas tradition – Advent Calendar & 1 tree ornament for each kid. This year Daddy C want to add a Christmas village, I agreed but we won’t purchase a whole village in one go! He finally agreed, and we decided to buy a Nativity scene & mini Christmas Tree’s (we have 2! Daddy bought the green one because our “village” is too brown). LittleMan V was looking forward to his advent calendar gifts, I really didn’t like the idea that he only think about getting gifts so I had to look for a different activity. We want to teach him that this season is not just about receiving gifts, I searched the web and found something we can all do together – the Story of First Christmas. You too can get the story for Advent here, it’s still the 3rd day you can still make up for the two days you’ve missed. Every night before sleeping we read a snippet of the Christmas story. Our LittleMiss advent activity is …

A year with The Entertainer

We buy the big blue book of The Entertainer book every year. Entertainer is a compilation of more than 1500 vouchers you can use to dine, have fun, relax and a whole lot more. Yes! you read that right a whole lot of vouchers similar to the one below. Every time the MyNappytales family dine out we always check the big blue book for restaurants we can try. It has also made us try new places.   Our complain with this wonderful blue book is that it’s heavy to carry around (especially if you have a baby) when we go out and we sometimes lose pages.   This problem though will end this year because the Entertainer team has launched a new app!   They are now running a limited 10% offer when you pre-order 2014 Entertainer books. If you want to try your luck go hop to Grace’s blog here she’s having an Entertainer giveaway.  

Maraming Salamat Po

Typhoon Haiyan has caused so much pain to those who have been affected and it also has opened our eyes to what the Philippine government can and can’t do. Despite the heartbreak Haiyan has also brought out the goodness in every one.   Our neighboring countries near and far have sent in help to all survivors. Overseas Filipino workers around the globe conducted charity events to benefit those that have been affected. Netizens have shared information in every way they can to spread awareness and update. Maraming Salamat po. Thank you.