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Sunrise at Jebel Jais Mountain

We recently had a week long holiday here in Dubai to celebrate Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha. That was one week of no school for the kids and 5 days off for Daddy C. Our plan was to stay home and setup Christmas decorations.

Carla of MyYellowbells invited us to join her family for a road trip to Jebel Jais Mountain. So we did.

Four cars convoyed to the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah where UAE’s highest mountain is located. Jebel Jais Mountain stand tall at approximately 1900m above sea level and promises a scenic and rustic view of sunrise. We left Al Qusais at 3:30 am and arrived at 5:40 am, just before sunrise. No lights on the zigzag road going up so make sure your headlights are working fine and drive slowly.

Jebel Jais Camp Site

We stopped at the last camp site only to find out from other campers that the trail going up to the highest peak is close due to road construction. There was no available signs (as far as we know) on where to stop for a hike up, we drove back down to a less crowded camp site, while the childless group drove further to look for the trail.

All four kids entertained themselves by throwing rocks near the edge of the cliff, spotting wild goats and searching for that one of a kind rock.

Kids at Jebel Jais Mountain

Both kids were so proud of themselves for waking up before the sun. It was a joy to see them enjoy nature and appreciate the beauty of our second home.

Jebel Jais Mountain sunrise

Families gathered in awe as we watched the sun rays peaked on the mountain side. Breathtaking! We were all in awe of God’s creation and greeting each stranger we see a good morning.

Jebel Jais Horizon

The view, serenity and beauty was just really breathtaking. Photos don’t do justice, you just really have to go and see it for yourself. If it was this amazing at sunrise, I’m sure sunset will also take our breath away.

family photo at Jebel Jais Mountain

We need to go back for sunset and sleep overnight. Several “stops” with camp sites are available for guests to enjoy, toilets were also available and we even saw a store (it was not open at when we arrived at 5am) at the last stop.

This is definitely one family road trip you should do while in the UAE. Make sure you pack plenty of food and water, jackets since it is colder up in the mountain and make a stop at the last gasoline station to check your car, refill and for toilet visit.

Filipino bloggers at Jebel Jais Mountain

See you on our next adventure!

Jebel Jais write-up from friends below.

At the top of Jebel Jais – Carla

Your travel questions about Jebel Jais – Arence

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