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2013 School Year Ends

My LittleMan V graduates from Kindergarten. Yesterday, he bid farewell to his school friends and teachers. It was our first graduation ceremony and along with other parents we have each witnessed how our children grew from the teary eyed KG1 babies to confident KG2 students. This September he will move up to big school as a Year 1 student in a new school. A big THANK YOU to all his teachers, classmates, nanny, and school bus driver for making his kindergarten life a fun one. V leads the boys as they sing “Glowing Inside” to say Thank You to Mom & Dad  

Moving Up

    This year my first born V will move up to big school (Year 1) and will step into a new milestone in his life. He is not only saying bye to his kindergarten life but will also say bye-bye to his school and classmates. We initially didn’t plan to move him to a different school since we know that he is happy and has bonded with a set of friends. Daddy C and I wanted to gauge how he would handle taking an entrance exam and also see if he would pass or not. When I got the call that V was qualified to take the entrance exam it felt like I was the one who needs to prepare for it. I told V that we are going to the new school and a teacher will ask him to answer some worksheets just like what we did at home.  Then I saw the topics covered on the entrance exam half of the topic was still not discussed on V’s school and when I …

What are you Mom?

Conversation with V before afternoon nap V: “Mom, what are you?” M: “What do you mean?” V: “Mom like when my friend said that her Mommy is a dentist. How about you what are you?” M: “I’m your super Mommy. A stay at home Mom” V: “No! What do you like when you grow up?” (upset with my answer) M: “My work before was helping people in the office with computer and internet problems” V: “I mean now Mama! I want you to be something else like T’s Mama is a dentist. I want you to be something also.” (By this time he’s already crying while repeating “I want you to be something else too”) I too cried. I’m really not sure why I did but I imagined him having a chat with his classmates with most of them having working moms and he doesn’t have anything to say on what his Mum do. V gets upset when he doesn’t have anything to say about something. So I told him that being a SAHM is …

Crying over the claw game machine

  Kuya V begged me a dirham to play the claw game at Lulu, we don’t allow him to play this silly game since I know he will not get 1 dusty toy out. He insisted since he never tried it once so I gave in. He moved the claw from left to right just above the red plush toy push the button, he watched the claw move down with a wish to get the toy but the claw didn’t even manage to grab the toys tiny hair. Poor kid played it twice and failed. He cried all through out 30 minutes of grocery shopping asking me why he failed even if he tried he’s best.

a visit to they Eye Doctor

Kuya V ended 2012 wearing eye glasses to correct his astigmatism. I’ve been getting several inquiries on why he’s wearing one and what decided me to have his eye’s checked. It all happened when LittleMiss went to the pediatrician for her 5 months check. Out of the blue I just asked Dr. S if I need to bring Kuya V to an eye doctor even if he’s not complaining of any problems. His reply was, as soon as your child reach the age of 5 you have to visit an ophthalmologist for a routine check as it is just the right age where your little one is able to properly answer questions and recognize the letters/pictures on the test. This is of course if during your pediatrician check your doctor didn’t find any obvious reasons for an eye check before the age of 5. Just before Christmas and shortly before LittleMiss turned 6 months we scheduled Kuya V to see an ophthalmologist at a specialty hospital but then got turned off because Kuya V need to go back …

Last dance with Sheya

I just learned that 7th birthday are suppose to be celebrated in a grand way. I don’t remember having a fancy celebration when I turned 7.   Vierte with birthday girl Sheya Our family friend, the Mendoza’s celebrated the 7th birthday of their youngest at Novotel Hotel. Pretty Sheya had 2 birthday gowns for the event. Kids presented a Move’s like Jagger Dance and V had a special last dance with Sheya.   V was Sheya’s last dance.  He’s such a young man now worrying about clothes to wear and what shoe’s goes well with it and his hair has to be spiky. He’s got 5 girlfriends and one special girl to whom he likes to hold hands with.  You will always be Mum’s 1st baby boy!    

Sports Day – Race into space FS2

FS2 Sports Day happened one foggy morning in Dubai. They shoo the fog away with their dance moves shaking booty and waving hands.   LittleMiss C was Kuya V’s biggest fan. Let the race begin! to the finish line! The kids who were first on the line cheered on their friends while some even went back to help. Our little cheerleader just woke up from nap and wondering whether Kuya V won. Smiling and waving to Dad on his way to the finish line. Woohoo! Congratulations PPS FS2!