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LittleOnes Library: Reading time

iPad is strictly off limits during school days. Kuya Vierte complained that there was nothing for him to do, LittleMiss was sleeping and I was busy cleaning up – I have no one to play with, he said. I told him to read me a story a loud, he once again complained that we already know all the stories and all of our books are for babies. I reminded him that we did have books for 6yo kids – some from Dr. Seuss and Encyclopedia for kids. With a sad face he stomped and browsed our book shelf. Finally, he chose “Time for Kids: Almanac 2014” and minutes later – silence – he was enjoying. I promised him that Mommy will stop work and take time to sit down and read with them.

Vs First Play – Peter Pan the Never Ending Story

  V saw above poster while we were driving towards Dubai Marina and asked us if he can watch Peter Pan. After 3 months of waiting, he finally watched his first live play with Daddy. He called me after and simply said “It was awesome Mom! I’m sorry you & Chloe didn’t watch it with me” The morning after, I showed him a tweet from Wendy. Made him smile all day and kept repeating “Mama, she sent me a message. I can’t believe it!” My V, don’t grow up too fast.


I breastfed V for exactly two years and I am still breastfeeding LittleMiss C. Both of them refer to breastfeeding, breast and milk (from mommy) as “nanan,” a word we adapted when V was about a week old  which was suggested by Lola Alma. LittleMiss C in her 18 months only had “nanan” in a bottle when I left her in the care of Lola Let and she didn’t liked it at all. Big brother V didn’t see her sister drink from a bottle and for him, babies like her sister only get milk from Mommy’s “nanan”. Last week, V’s exam results and papers are back, his answer to one question on the PSHE subject caught my attention. It made me laugh and really proud. Question: When I was a baby I drink in a  Nanan   I asked him why he didn’t answer baby bottle. He simply replied “Mama, Chloe and I only drink in your nanan. Please tell teacher that I’m correct, I think she doesn’t know that “nanan” is drinking milk from you.” Saddens my heart …

Skylanders Swapforce

V was excited for October to come. It’s his birthday month and ActiVision will release a new batch of Skylanders the Swapforce (USA release Oct 13 and UAE release Oct 18). It’s only during his birthday that we allow him to buy an expensive toy but just one and if it’s too expensive he get’s to choose between having a party or just the toy (he usually choose the toy). This year was different Lolo Dino (my Uncle Dad a resident of Kansas City) asked him what he wants for birthday and Christmas without any hesitation he told his GrandPa names of Skylander characters that he wants to add in his collection and to make sure Lolo doesn’t forget anything he made a list.

V is 6 and his MineCraft Cake

V designed his Minecraft cake. It was a week long holiday here in Dubai when LittleMan V celebrated his 6th birthday. We initially planned to have a family celebration and have dinner at his favorite restaurant  but he insisted that I make him a cake and have 3 of his friends from school come over. Aside from playing Skylanders he’s also into Minecraft (I think every kid is) so before he request me to make him a figure cake I suggested he design his very own minecraft cake. He’s eyes lit up and requested that he make the cake with me.

1st week of Junior 1

*sigh* My V all smiles inside his classroom for Junior 1. I asked him if he’ll stop kissing Mama in front of his friends because his in grade 1, V replied with a hug and wet kiss telling me I will never stop kissing you Mama. ( I will come back and show him this post when his a teen and refuse to give me a kiss!) We have survived 1st week of school and I admit I was the one nervous that I won’t wake up early enough (bus pickup at 6:13 am) and that I won’t pack enough food for him. I’ve been crazy searching the stores for the perfect lunchbox since V complained that the Sahara Tiger lunchbox is too heavy but hey it keeps his food warm even after 6 hrs! Vs week 1 school lunchbox feedback is that I send him way too much food. Too much? He comes home complaining he’s soo hungry! He explained that he doesn’t want to go potty #2 at school that’s why he doesn’t …

V beat the claw game machine!

I won Mama! For the first time I won! Beaming with delight with a screaming LittleMiss beside him. After the claw game drama which broke Vs heart, I was hesitant to make him play again but he would insist every time we see one. I finally gave in when he insisted that he wants to do it for his LittleMiss. He maneuvered the claw from left to right and finally settled above the toy pressed the red button. Viola! Claw grabbed the toy and dropped it. V won!

Skylanders Limited Edition for E3

LittleMan V requested that we put his collection on the blog, so here it is. We give V rewards whenever he does good in school (he was perfect in all his dictation sheets in class and passed school entrance exam), and he would always ask for toys and on that particular toy store trip he was looking for the Trash Pack toys but it was not available.  Good thing it was not available! Daddy came home one night with the Skylanders PS3 Starter Pack and from then on Vs collection has reached to 30 characters.  He’s watching videos and reading about them. He made a video about them which I recorded using my iPhone. We followed Skylander gamers on youtube and he learned about the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and asked us to go the expo. He felt really bad when he learned that those who went to the expo got limited edition Skylander characters. I told him that one of Mama’s friend was in the E3 expo, both V and Dad exclaimed that Mama …