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School lunchbox week 3 and an Easy Puff recipe

Some of our lunchbox food this week is just a repeat if what V had two weeks back. He just insisted on not bringing his heavy thermal Sahara lunchbox.

School Lunchbox

Since my V requests almost the same kind of lunch food I will try and feature something new every week.

I was getting bored preparing the usual deli meat sandwich every morning, as I was staring at our fruit bowl full of red and green apples (Vs favorite fruit) a sudden craving for McDo’s apple pie happened.

Honestly I’m running out of ideas on what picky eater V will eat in school. Any suggestion?

Easy Puff Snack

Store bought Puff Pastry
Egg wash (1 beaten egg + 1 tbsp water)

Apple ( any fruit combination you fancy)
Deli Meat & Cheese

Pre-heat oven at 180 C
1) defrost frozen puff pastry inside refrigerator overnight.
2) spread your pastry on a floured surface, if you find it to small stretch it a bit with your rolling pin.
3) spoon the filling of your choice
4) seal by joining the ends together similar to wrapping a gift or envelop
5) brush top with egg wash
6) bake for 20 minutes

Puff Pastry School Snack
Apple Cinnamon Filling
Mix thin slices of apple with a tsp of cinnamon and a tbsp brown sugar (or honey). Adjust sugar and cinnamon quantity according to your taste.

Puff Pastry Meat Pie
Deli Meat Filling
Place meat on top of puff pastry and your favorite condiments (my boys like mustard & ketchup) then cheese.

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