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Atlantis the Palm Fun Factory Air Hockey

Great deal of unlimited fun for the Family!

We’re back from our 3 weeks vacation and the kids are bored. They miss our busy schedule back in the US. Temperature in Dubai ranges from 36C in the morning and 40C in the afternoon, so playing outdoor is not a good idea. We were invited to have an afternoon of indoor fun at the Atlantis Fun Factory that offers an unlimited arcade games from 3pm to 10pm daily until August 23.

Fun City Indoor Play

Indoor fun for the family at Fun City

Fun City invited us to a Family Play Themed Morning’s at Oasis mall, it is the biggest branch in Dubai. They offer games, rides and play areas for all kids and adults, perfect plays to spend time with the whole family this summer. LittleMiss and I had an all girl bonding because the boy’s had a basketball game that morning. It was our first time at Oasis, the area was so big.

Paper hot air balloon for the Goat who wanted to fly

I love books and I can’t say No when the kids ask me to buy them one. We attended the Emirates Literature Festival and bought several books, one of them was by Julia Johnson – The goat who wanted to fly The story is about a goat who dreamt of flying as soon as he opened his eyes. He tried every possible way to fly like a bird but sadly failed. That did not stop him from dreaming, he climbed the tallest mountain and surprisingly woke up to a wonderful surprise – the goat found himself flying inside a hot air balloon.

Leaf Printing

We spent the evening at the park after dinner. Daddy and Kuya played basketball while we took a stroll. LittleMiss noticed the fallen leaves and flowers on the grass and asked if we can take them home. “Ahhh, it’s so cute Mama.” She was stroking the leaves and took notice of it’s bones (I don’t know the proper name), and that there was something different from each leaf. One of them was small and yellow while the other one was big and green. We slept with her nature stash from the park that night, I managed to save two leaves and turn them to art.

Pretend Play with Peppa Pig House

Oink… oink… One day, LittleMiss woke up and declared she love’s Peppa Pig. We have not found one item in the store here, it is expected since we are in a Muslim country. Daddy C went on a business trip to London and only found a Peppa Pig plush toy at the airport before he boarded the plane and it was the last piece. He found this construction playhouse set (similar to Lego) at Toys R Us near his hotel at Houston, without hesitation he bought and had to hand carry back home for the LittleMiss.

Emirates LitFest: Warhorse and Exploding Adventures

For the first time we attended some sessions featured at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, there was a lot to choose from but decided on two session that interested our Kuya V. 1st Session: The War Horse Puppets in Action Daddy and Kuya attended the session together. Both boys were so amazed on how the puppets were made, it takes them 1 year to complete 1 horse. It takes 3 men to carry one horse puppet and they have to study every move a real horse make – how the ears moves, the tail and even the sound it makes. Kuya noticed that he was the only young kid in the audience. His next wish is to watch the War Horse play.

Sweetest Cupcake Mommy Craft

Sweetest Cupcake Craft for Mommy

Mother’s day is celebrated in the UAE on March 21st. In the Philippines, mother’s day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May. For this craft we made use of basic shapes of circle, hearts, triangle, and square. Things you need: Paper plates Cut-out shapes: hearts, oval, square, triangle Glue Scissors Washi tapes Assorted embelishments   How to make Cupcake on Paper craft: As you can see on the first photo above you have the option to stick all shapes or by shape. Then design the way you like it. I provided LittleMiss similar size of Washi tapes and gave her instructions on where to stick. She then dab a glue on the “cake” part and designed with embelishments. To highlight the shapes we traced the corners with marker. Lastly, make it more special by writing your special message to Mommy. Bonus: Mommy won’t put on an extra inch in her waist 🙂