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Easy Halloween Themed School Lunch

Halloween Themed School Bento Lunch

It’s the last week of October which can only mean that preparations for Halloween is on a roll. We prepared some school lunches to celebrate this month’s festivities. Scary Bat Lunch I have been using a lot of nori sheets to add fun in Kuya V’s school lunch. For our first lunch I cut out a bat out of a single nori sheet, placed on top a fried rice and use ketchup for the eyes. We then paired it with deli meat designed with some wakame seaweed and lettuce, pretzel sticks, orange slices and chocolate.   Ghost and Scary Cat Pizza I use a Halloween themed cookie cutter for this lunch. Get a piece of bread and flatten it with a rolling pin then use your cookie cutter to get the shape you want. Spread a pizza sauce, it can be store bought or left over pasta sauce or a mix of ketchup + sugar + pepper + grated carrots then top it mozzarella cheese. Toast bread on your oven or frying pan till cheese completely …

Puto Cheese and Strawberry Yoghurt

2015 Bento Week: September 13 – 17

This was quite a challenging week, I was not feeling quite myself – no energy to get up early in the morning and do chores the rest of the day. I’m just happy we survived yet another week, we have food on the table and healthy. Sunday We have a messy looking turkey ham and cheese rolls, apple slices, steamed sweet corn and yakult. Monday Baked chicken katsu the night before for today’s bento. Kuya V went to school with a chicken katsu onigirazu, sugar cookies, apples and watermelon balls. LittleMiss had chicken katsu strips, sugar cookies and watermelon balls. I added a homemade kimchi sidedish for Daddy’s pack lunch. Tuesday Made use of left over salmon from last nights dinner and made fried rice.  LittleMiss asked that I pack her some Hello Kitty bread and cheese and as always a yoghurt milk. We use a Goodbyn lunchbox here. Kuya V’s lunch was packed in a Thermos Funtainer which was filled with Salmon fried rice and meatballs with Bolognese sauce. A banana and nutella bread …

pancake bears and watermelon balls

2015 Bento Week: September 6 – 10

Second week of school and we are getting into the groove. I should really plan a week worth of packed lunch for the bunch but still procrastinating in doing one, hopefully before the month ends. Here’s our bento baon for the week. Sunday We had fish tempura for dinner and the LittleOne’s loved it, they requested that I pack it for their baon this week. My one concern is how to keep tempura crispy by lunch time, recipe and tips on how to keep it a bit crispy, here. Inside our goodbyn we have fish tempura + ketchup, sweet corn, mandarin oranges.   Monday Kuya V shared over our tea time that most of his friends only pack 1 food in school while he has lot’s of choices and thanked me for giving him a good baon. I told him that his bento today will remind him to always eat his school food or else Mama’s mood will be grumpy. We packed sweet ham, rice, boiled egg and waffles inside our smash box containers bought …

2015 Bento Week: August 31 – September 3

First week of school. Yay! Goodbye summer. Boo! It was a tough first week of school for this Mama, my mind and body was not ready for the super early wake-up alarm. Boohoo!  Kuya V is definitely excited to see his school friends and to learn a new language – French.   We survived the first school week and back to sharing our weekly baon / bento. I post our daily bento on our instagram account, make sure you follow us. Monday Kuya V requested to bring pack rice in his thermos container because he wanted to have warm food for school. Today’s baon consists of steamed jasmine rice, vegetable meatballs, teriyaki sauce, apples and chocolate chip cookies. Lunchbox used goodbyn and thermos.

Back To School Bento Ideas

Back to school Bento ideas

Summer vacation is almost over. We have a few days left till school starts and I have two students this year. Time fly by so fast, weren’t they just babies yesterday! We have books to cover and label, uniforms to sort, choose the right bag, plan for our kids lunch and snack in school. Here is a list of lunch & snack ideas for our kids: 1. My LittleOnes favorite for breakfast or to snack on when we are on the go is hands down chicken nuggets. You can make a batch ahead of time and it’s pack of assorted vegetables – carrots, broccoli, potato and celery – you can add whatever is available in your pantry. Definitely a much healthier option than those available in the market. 2. We never ran out of bananas in the house, the kids occasionally eat them as a fruit. They however cannot resist a slice of banana bread with streusel or banana pistachios oat chocochip cake. I usually wait for the bananas to have some spots before using them to bake. …

Bento Week: September 28 – October 2

I have a lot of ideas for my school boy’s bento, only to find out that he prefers to eat the usual snack. To prevent from having last minute requests to change what I’ve prepared, he get’s to taste new snack options after school. That way I don’t have to guess whether he’ll like the food or not.   Sunday: Apple slices, Nutella sandwich, Chicken nuggets, and Yakult

September Bentos

We are on the last week of September. I can finally say that we are all getting back to our routine after two long months of vacation back home. Honestly, mornings have been difficult this start of school month. I overslept and so did the boys, who needs to be out of the house by 6:30 am. I was grumpy most mornings – I had to prepare breakfast, school lunch and hush a LittleMiss who needs nanan because our loud voices woke her up. Instead of sharing a weekly round-up, here’s our September bentos – well those that I’ve managed to snap photos of.   LittleMan V now plans his school lunch with me. I suggested that since he’s turning 7 years old maybe he can start eating fresh/steamed vegetables, he agreed but requested that he get to choose which veggie.

Back in Dubai. Back to School

It’s been 10 day’s since we got back from our vacation and I’ve been busy unpacking and keeping the house back on track. Everything seem so new yet familiar (if that makes any sense).  I hope to get back to blogging weekly and post a review on our new favorite product – Yonanas.  Vacation is certainly over as it’s back to school for Kuya V this week.  He requested for our homemade healthy chicken nuggets for his back to school lunch. I’ve made a few changes on the recipe (added broccoli) and hope to post recipe soon. For now you can get recipe here or you can pick-up the September issue of Good Housekeeping. So happy that our very own chicken nuggets was selected as one of the suggested packed lunches along with other easy yummy recipes.