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Healthy Chicken Nuggets

I am guilty of feeding LittleMan V fast food and store bought chicken nuggets. He absolutely likes them and if given a chance to eat nuggets everyday he would. I have tried several recipes for a healthy chicken nuggets and V would either complain that it was not soft (not like the ones from McDo) or just didn’t taste good enough for him. It has been more than a month or two since I stopped buying frozen store bought nuggets and how he miss having them for breakfast or snack. Last week I prepared healthy chicken nuggets for his after school snack and he easily ate 8 pieces in one sitting and LittleMiss enjoyed them as well!   While planning for his school lunch, he once again requested that I prepare Mama’s healthy chicken nuggets.

School lunchbox week 3 and an Easy Puff recipe

Some of our lunchbox food this week is just a repeat if what V had two weeks back. He just insisted on not bringing his heavy thermal Sahara lunchbox. Since my V requests almost the same kind of lunch food I will try and feature something new every week. I was getting bored preparing the usual deli meat sandwich every morning, as I was staring at our fruit bowl full of red and green apples (Vs favorite fruit) a sudden craving for McDo’s apple pie happened.

School Lunchbox Week 2

Second week of school was a bit difficult. V starts and ends his school day complaining/asking why he has to spend a really long time in school, they all do really a lot of work, and that he misses his old school. I keep telling myself it’s just an adjustment period and that we made the right decision. This school week we welcome a new lunch box – GoodByn Bynto. You can see from the photos below that it has 3 compartments, I can fit everything in 1 box!   Deli Meat Cheese Sandwich, Yakult & Milk, and Strawberry Grapes mixed fruit. (I was not able to close the lid after taking this photo so I took the milk out and placed it inside his bag) feedback: Bynto came back with half of the sandwich and a few pieces of fruits.   V liked his new lunchbox because it is easy to carry and doesn’t take lot of space in the table. Rice, 15 Chicken Nuggets, and Apple Oranges feedback: Tiger box came back home with the …

School Lunchbox Week 1

Yes, I know we are on the 3rd week of school but it’s never too late to share V’s school lunchbox. Parents were reminded during the school orientation to pack healthy lunch for kids to bring since unhealthy sweets can make young ones be hyper active. V’s school start very early, assembly time is at 7:20 am and 8th period ends at 1:40 pm. I initially thought that Grade 1 will have two breaks (1 for snack and 1 for lunch) but they only have one at 10:25 am till 11:00 am, when the teacher told us about this all the parents reacted with one question “Won’t the kids get hungry?” to which the teacher replied with “That’s why you should make sure they eat a healthy heavy breakfast.” My week 1 lunchbox ideas for V was to send him a filling snack/lunch to school and preferably something that is warm. During our vacation I bought a Sahara Tiger Thermal Lunchbox this keeps food warm for up to 8 hrs (C did prove this to …

1st week of Junior 1

*sigh* My V all smiles inside his classroom for Junior 1. I asked him if he’ll stop kissing Mama in front of his friends because his in grade 1, V replied with a hug and wet kiss telling me I will never stop kissing you Mama. ( I will come back and show him this post when his a teen and refuse to give me a kiss!) We have survived 1st week of school and I admit I was the one nervous that I won’t wake up early enough (bus pickup at 6:13 am) and that I won’t pack enough food for him. I’ve been crazy searching the stores for the perfect lunchbox since V complained that the Sahara Tiger lunchbox is too heavy but hey it keeps his food warm even after 6 hrs! Vs week 1 school lunchbox feedback is that I send him way too much food. Too much? He comes home complaining he’s soo hungry! He explained that he doesn’t want to go potty #2 at school that’s why he doesn’t …

2013 School Year Ends

My LittleMan V graduates from Kindergarten. Yesterday, he bid farewell to his school friends and teachers. It was our first graduation ceremony and along with other parents we have each witnessed how our children grew from the teary eyed KG1 babies to confident KG2 students. This September he will move up to big school as a Year 1 student in a new school. A big THANK YOU to all his teachers, classmates, nanny, and school bus driver for making his kindergarten life a fun one. V leads the boys as they sing “Glowing Inside” to say Thank You to Mom & Dad  

Moving Up

    This year my first born V will move up to big school (Year 1) and will step into a new milestone in his life. He is not only saying bye to his kindergarten life but will also say bye-bye to his school and classmates. We initially didn’t plan to move him to a different school since we know that he is happy and has bonded with a set of friends. Daddy C and I wanted to gauge how he would handle taking an entrance exam and also see if he would pass or not. When I got the call that V was qualified to take the entrance exam it felt like I was the one who needs to prepare for it. I told V that we are going to the new school and a teacher will ask him to answer some worksheets just like what we did at home.  Then I saw the topics covered on the entrance exam half of the topic was still not discussed on V’s school and when I …

Sports Day – Race into space FS2

FS2 Sports Day happened one foggy morning in Dubai. They shoo the fog away with their dance moves shaking booty and waving hands.   LittleMiss C was Kuya V’s biggest fan. Let the race begin! to the finish line! The kids who were first on the line cheered on their friends while some even went back to help. Our little cheerleader just woke up from nap and wondering whether Kuya V won. Smiling and waving to Dad on his way to the finish line. Woohoo! Congratulations PPS FS2!