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Paper Plate Hearts Craft

Easy Paper Plate Hearts

Too early for Valentines? Maybe. Too early to make something special? No. LittleMiss’: “Mama, where my boy’s?” She specifically calls her big brother “boy or boys.” As soon as she see’s Kuya V’s school bus she would declare “My boy’s is here! Hey, boys look my toy.” We made this paper plate  heart’s for our boy’s.

No Nappy No..Please

LittleMiss Chloe wakes-up every morning at around 6:30 am just in time to kiss Daddy & Kuya V goodbye, after that we either play a little or she asks for nanan and go back to sleep. That morning was different, LittleMiss and Kuya played while waiting for Daddy to finish dressing up for work. After saying our bye’s, she told me “No nappy Mama.” I arranged a mat under her blanket and allowed her to sleep without any nappy. She has been refusing to wear either cloth diaper or disposables for a few days now – maybe we are ready to potty train. I went out the bedroom and proceeded to do my house chores. A few minutes later she went out with a disposable in one hand and stood at the corner of our sofa. 

DIY Father’s Day Fossil Handprint

  Mr. C got his Father’s day present from us last weekend, he bought a shirt and I paid for it. Boring! He was really happy about it though. We were in bed with both kids sleeping when he suddenly blurted out how fast the kids are growing – LittleMiss will turn 2 yrs and LittleMan 7 yr old this year. Making a handprint of the kids to remind him (us) that they will always be our babies is a perfect gift. It is something that everyone in the family can do, even kids as young as 2 years old.

Just before you turn two

My sweet Chloe Isabelle, In a few weeks you will turn 2 and I haven’t even shared how we celebrated your first birthday. You blew your 1st birthday candle in three different cities – Hong Kong, Manila and Davao. We bought a Mango Creme Cake at Maxims Bakery in Hong Kong. It was our last day in Hong Kong when you turned a 1 year old.

LittleOnes Library: Reading time

iPad is strictly off limits during school days. Kuya Vierte complained that there was nothing for him to do, LittleMiss was sleeping and I was busy cleaning up – I have no one to play with, he said. I told him to read me a story a loud, he once again complained that we already know all the stories and all of our books are for babies. I reminded him that we did have books for 6yo kids – some from Dr. Seuss and Encyclopedia for kids. With a sad face he stomped and browsed our book shelf. Finally, he chose “Time for Kids: Almanac 2014” and minutes later – silence – he was enjoying. I promised him that Mommy will stop work and take time to sit down and read with them.